Message from the Exalted Ruler

June 2019

Happy Birthday America!!

It is officially Summer. The temperatures are up and so is the chance of rain. Be care-ful out there. If you are outside, don’t forget your sunscreen and to drink plenty of flu-ids. And if you are driving in the rain, keep it slow and don’t use your cruise control!!

We had an exceptional turnout for Flag Day this year. And those who experienced it were overwhelmed. Father’s Day was an equally emotional experience. We per-formed the Father’s Day Ritual for the first time and it was just beautiful. A special thank you to Billy Wirth and Maryann Fritze for organizing Flag Day, as well as all of those who helped make both Flag Day and Father’s Day a great success!

We have a lot of fun things planned in the next couple of months. So keep an eye on the Blast as well as the calendar board. Invite your friends to join you at an event. Then invite them to become a member. We need to grow our membership to continue to thrive as a Lodge.

Please remember to see if there is anyone you know still listed on the Delinquent List, and see if you can talk them into coming back. Sometimes all it takes is someone showing personal interest to get someone back!

As always, we could use more volunteers. If you want to help in the kitchen, cooking or otherwise, if you want to bartend, if you want to help decorate, or if you want to help plan events, we can use you. Please talk to any officer or any oth-er volunteer or house committee member and let us know how you want to help. We WILL put you to work!


Wendy Carns, Exalted Ruler