Message from the Exalted Ruler

Jan 2020

 Happy New Year!! Welcome to 2020! 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year shared with your family and friends. And hopefully you don’t need to buy bigger clothing! As we say goodbye to 2019, let us count all of our Blessings. Whether you had it easy or whether you had a rough year—You Made It! Not everyone did. And as we start a brand new year, let us be filled with hope. Let us always strive to better ourselves and love those around us. May we all remember what it means to be an Elk—to love our country and preserve and protect its cherished institutions, to love your fellow man and seek to promote their well being, to love the joyousness of life and endeavor to contribute to it, and be dedicated to serving our fellow citizens. So let’s take full advantage of this new year and do our best to give back. Consider volunteering either in our lodge, with some of our charitable ventures, or even outside of the lodge with your favorite charity. Whatever you choose to do, just help make a difference. I guarantee you will love that feeling!


 Wendy Carns,

 Exalted Ruler, PER