Message from the Exalted Ruler

March 2019


It’s that time of year again!!

By now you should have all received your Dues Notices. Paying your dues early is more than just getting your new membership card before April 1st. All funds collected before April 1st go into a special account that we are able to use all year. Some lodges take the entire amount on April 1st and quickly find how many things they can spend it on. We, however, divide our pre-paid dues by 12 and only transfer in 1/12 per month. It is smart budgeting, if you can make it work. So please, don’t wait to pay your dues. 

I am pleased to name the incoming Officers for the 2019-2020 Elk Year:


Wendy Carns, Exalted Ruler

Vinny Traviglia, Esteemed Leading Knight

Gail Miller, Esteemed Loyal Knight

Dick Marshall, Esteemed Lecturing Knight

Bill Orblych, Secretary

Nancy Miller, Treasurer

Chris Ferris, Esquire

Rich Shotwell, Inner Guard

Larry Thompson, Tiler

Debbie Mitchell, Chaplain

Paul Miller, 5-year Trustee

Billy Wirth, 4-year Trustee

Steve White, 3-year Trustee

Al Renzi, 2-year Trustee

Maryanne Fritze, 1-year Trustee


I am looking forward to another wonderful year full of fun and fellowship while contributing to our charitable works.

March is going to be so much fun! We have something going on every weekend. And if you have never seen the Melbourne Pipe & Drum Corps, you have got to come to our St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Make sure to get there early, parking will be full!

Finally, I want to thank everyone that made the 2018-2019 Elk Year such a success. You have no idea how much work goes into keeping us alive. So many people have spent countless hours planning, organizing, and executing all of the details that go into this business. All so that we can come enjoy ourselves and support our charities in the process. So please – HELP US keep the momentum and have another fantastic year!


Wendy Carns, Exalted Ruler