2018 Operation Shoebox

 I would like to thank everyone who so generously donated items for Operation Shoebox.  They were very much appreciated.  In fact, we have already received a heartfelt thank you. 

 When Karen & Marty Wierzbicki and Vinny & I took the donations to Operation Shoebox in Belleview, FL, we found out that what they really need now is money to pay for postage.  They had pallets of already packed boxes with no money to send them to our servicemen and women overseas. An average box costs about $15 to send. 

 I am asking you now, in lieu of material donations, to please find it in your hearts to donate whatever you can toward postage.  The donation jar will be at the bar. These packages are very important to the soldiers who are out in the field.  They are sometimes the only piece of “home” they get for a very long time. 

 Thanks so much. 

 Patti Traviglia, Secretary