House Rules

To be followed at all times...........Thank You

 1. All members must conduct themselves as Elks at all times. 

 2. All members must show I.D when entering the Lodge. Any visiting Elk may visit upon presentation of a current, valid membership card and must sign the Visitors' log. The holder of a current, valid Identification Card may enter the Lodge and purchase goods and services upon presentation of the I.D. card. 

 3. Members must sign in all guests and are responsible for their guests at all times 

 4. No profane language, obscene gestures, or disturbances will be permitted at any time. 

 5. All food and beverage purchases will be paid for in cash or member credit card when served. 

 6. Dress of members and guests must bein good taste and appropriae for the occasion. Shirt and shoes are required to enter the Lodge at all times. No tank tops or sleeveless shirts are to be worn by men. Members participating in initiation shall dress appropriately as designated by the Exalted Ruler. 

 7. No Lodge property may be taken from this facility without the approval of a trustee. 

 8. No posting of any kind can be made in the Lodge without the approval of the House Committee. This includes posting items on the bulletin board. 

 9. Smoking is not permitted within the Lodge 

 10. The duty bartender must refuse to serve anyone who, in his or her opinion is intoxicated. Individuals under the age of 21 will not be served alcoholic beverages. 

 11. No one is permitted behind the bar without the permission of the bartender 

 12. No alcoholic beverages will be taken off the premises.