By Thomas Carns

November is a time to Salute our Veterans

 January 2019



Celebrations around the world for this festive time of year. A time of family gatherings and rest for the weary. A couple of days off for those who make the American machine churn on a daily basis. Just purely the time of year that we celebrate our beliefs and we are free to do just that. I found a passage that is pertinent to this topic. 

“Of all the countries in the world, we and we only have any need to create artificially the patriotism which is the birthright of other nations. Into the hearts of six millions of foreign-born men—less than half of them naturalized—we must infuse that quality of devotion which will make them place the good of the state above their personal good, and the safety of the state above their personal safety.”

We are a nation of immigrants who have come together to promote a society where all have a chance to be equal, part of a bigger cause. Protect our citizen’s way of life, make monumental leaps in science and engineering. Take things that were not even dreamt of 50 years ago and making them common practice. 

But there is a high price to be paid for this way of life and the freedoms we enjoy, whether it’s through laws, taxes or the blood of our citizens. The price always seems to go up no matter what the situation is. 

We must remain vigilant, keep a watchful eye on those who chose not to follow our American way of life and disrupt the peace that some have fought so hard for. Remain steadfast to our beliefs, protect and educate our children in the continued pursuit of Americanism. 


Thomas Carns

PER, Viera Elks Americanism Chair