By Thomas Carns


December Americanism

Greetings Brother's and Sister's

As we reach this time of year a time of Thanksgiving, a time of sharing, a time of caring, I am often caught in a time of reflection. The days of long ago and family celebrations, reunions and sometimes just helping each other out. These are pleasant memories as I miss those days dearly. We must remember as American’s that we are free to celebrate as a direct result of our Veterans, some that have paid the ultimate sacrifice for you and me. 

We are free to shop, free to reminisce and free to protest. These rights given you were hard fought for at a very high cost. As we celebrate, as we reflect and cherish our loved ones, remember those that are serving in harm’s way. Remember their families and the sacrifices that they are making each and every day.  We as Elks have a wonderful opportunity to give back to our communities and veteran’s. Elks share and Elks care, so let’s make the best of this holiday season and give back to those in need. 

Brother’s and Sister’s enjoy your holidays and may the good Lord bless you and keep you until we meet again. 

Thomas Carns, PER

Americanism Chair