By Thomas Carns

March 2019


Greetings Fellow Brothers and Sisters,

The Elks year has all but passed us by. It is time to renew again another year of Elkdom. Well for me I, am remaining as the Americanism Chair for our lodge and you get another 12 iterations of my spin on Americanism.

I want to theme this month’s message on focusing on something new. Our country was founded on big dreams of becoming the land of the free and the home of the brave. It was not just one citizen who energized a generation or generations to act to seek out a better life for themselves and their families. It is important for us as Americans to continue to seek out new opportunities and live out those dreams. How can we do this as a single citizen? Make a difference in your community, volunteer to help those in need, women, children and Veterans. I urge you to do this for a common good and to foster relationships, make our American way of life stronger, lay the framework for the Nation’s youth to continue the works that our forefathers have fought so hard to preserve. Be the lawyer, teacher engineer or entrepreneur. Lead by example and show our youth that our way of life is living for. Eliminate conflicts to the best of your ability, strive to be the example like some great Americans before us, JFK, Neal Armstrong, Rosa Parks and Henry Ford. They wanted to make a difference for all Americans and their legacy is written in History. How will you be remembered, what is your legacy?


Thomas Carns

PER, Viera Elks Americanism Chair